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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> mikey and michael vick back together after two years because of dogfighting. >> good evening. we begin with the latest from sam samoa, where scores of survivors continue to emerge from swampy wreckage left by a deadly tsunam at least 119 people were killed in that tsunami yesterday, triggered by an 8 magnitude earthquake. they describe how children and adults were swept away by a wall of water. the death toll continues to rise as they search through muck and debris. it is a fornate the tsunami
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didn't strike in the dark. >> if they had come in the dark, the tide was high, the number of people died would have been -- >> because american samoa is a u.s. territory, all our country's disaster relief services are at its disposal. the downtown red cross office in washington is working around the clock to rush to the island. the news is also grim after two earthquakes in indonesia. at least 200 people were killed following the first quake that hit this morning. a second one hit in the past couple of hours. 500 buildings have collapsed in the coastal s aal samatran city. the death toll is expected to rise when it reaches the other provinces. communicati communications have been cut off. afghanistan was the official talk at the white house today but it could be wks whether obama decides whether to send
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more troops there. the u.s. commander in afghanistan wants 40,000 more troops. top military brass are supporting that request, but some white house advisors believe a new strategy is needed first. the meeting today included secretary of state hillary rodham clinton, defense secretary, robert gates and general david petraeus, who's in charge of the central command. >> we need to have the number of troops recommended. >> it is critical if you ask young americans to put their lives on the line, the strategy is equal to the sacrifice you're asking them to make. >> some have argued that u.s. drones can do the job. those planes killed six alleged militants today. republican leaders are charging any delay endangers u.s. troops. urgency to pass health care reform, columbus day break for the u.s. senate. majority harry reid canceled the week long recess today coming
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after lawmakers request to pass a final health care bill by thanksgiving. congressional leaders planned on an end of the year deadline. the debate over health care is getting even more heated. house republicans are looking for an apology from grayson of floridwho criticized what he deemed the gop house plan on the house floor. >> do you want the democratic plan or the republican plan. remember the republican plan, don't get sick. if you do get sick, die quickly. >> grayson says he'd rather apologize to americans who have died without health insurance. one republican lawmaker has drafted a resolution of disapproval similar to the one drafted after joe wilson's outburst. >> some public safety officials in alexander, virginia are furious tonight. they're concerned about what they call a break down in communication after an ethanol spill in a neighborhood full of families. jackie benton has more.
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>> jim, the fuel spill has reignited a bitter feud between a railroad company and the city of alexandra. >> i'm very disappointed norfolk southern didn't contact the city immediately. >> alexandra city council member dell pepper is angry. on tuesday there, was a fuel spill, 50 gallons at the norfolk southern railroad's transit station. she believes they should have called the fire department mu. >> it's an outrageous we should hear it from a third party from the state dartment of emergency management no less. >> in a statement, norfolk southern said the station has standard operating procedures that are used to determine if emergency services should be called. this incident did not meet those criteria. battalion chief john north is in charge of the alexandra fire department special operations division. >> what we're encourage iing
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norfolk southern now to do, review their procedures and maybe do retraining with their staff. >> the reason for the concern is the transfer station is a stone's throw from the densely populated cameron station development andn elementary school. residents have been worried about safety at the facility just off van dorn street since last year. >> the railroad has been a corporate citizen from day one. they're a poor neighbor. they operate under the guise of interstate commerce and this veil we don't have to tell anyone what we're doing it or why we're doing it, nor do we have to operate by the rules. >> the fuel spill was safely cleaned up, according to the railroad company with the help of an outside contractor back to you. >> thank you. >> general motors announced it's shutting down its saturn division after efforts to sell it failed.
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they tried to sell it to the penske automotive group but penske couldn't guarantee they had enough new products to keep it on the assembly line through 2011 there. are roughly 350 saturn dealerships nationwide and employees are expected to lose their jobs and saturn owners may have to find dealers for service and maintenance. plans to step down at the end of the year, ken lewis has been much criticized since the acquisition of merrill lynch. investigators are looking into whether lewis and other bank of america executives knew lewis paid huge bone newspapers despite losing money last year. bank of america got billions in ilouts from american taxpayers, a successor is expected to be named before lewis leaves. >> it's getting chilly in some areas, temps could drop below 50 degrees in some areas. bob is there to tell us about that. >> right here in washington, that hasn't happened since may.
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right now, we're at 57. we had also gusty winds, those are diminishing. already the temperature is below 50 and the heat may be on. winchester, martinsburg, frederic, there's a frost advisory out for western maryland and high valleys of west virginia out to the west of winchester. many spots tomorrow morning, high 30s, that's strong, it is october, october sun will be bringing back some warmer air as we go through the next couple of days, back to you. thanks, bob. still ahead tonight, some unusual suspects charged with recruit i recruiting gang members at a high school. >> a dog found on the side in oklahoma will be reunited with its owner in virginia thanks to an 8-year-old and her family. pilot sullen burger prepares for another run over the hudson
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river tomorrow. and knowing exactly what the skins need to do to win. the nationals final home game ends up with heroics.
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an 8th grader diagnosed with swine flu just a week ago has died in baltimore. 14-year-old destiny attend ed middle school. she had no underlying medical conditions. her family is still coming to terms with her sudden illness. >> it's hard, we're holding up. a rough road, we have to get through it. all our roads we traveled with was with destiny. >> parker says his other two children will continue to attend the same elementary school where destiny went to school. today was the first day the state of maryland was able to place orders for swine flu vaccines. a father in virginia is accused of using his 17-year-old daughter to le high schoolers into a gang. 43-year-old theodore olds and his daughter targeted students at fairfax high school. the gang allegedly made money by committing crimes. authorities say gang members were charged $80 a month to belong. they got the use of cars and
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other perks. those who didn't pay allegedly were threatened with violence and forced to commit crimes. michael vick is reuniting with nike, the shoe company announced an endorsement deal with the quarterback today. more than two years ago, they dissolved their deal with vick because of his involvement with a dogfighting ring. he is playing professional football again with the eagles after serving more than a year and a half in prison and spoke about the humane society. a dog that went missing 10 years ago was found on the side of the road in oklahoma. a stunt by a parajumper was
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a dog that wandered away from the house in northern virginia ten years ago is about to come home. the dog is named brendall. he has a 13 mile trip ahead of him, all thanks to an 8-year-old girl in oklahoma. ted has our report. >> want a treat. >> today, chelsea keeps gary company. but long before her kitchen stunts, there was brendall. >> he was smart. he learned tricks really well. like i said, he learned how to open that door by himself. he would hook his toenails
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inside the door. >> on super bowl sunday, 1999. the door opening dog got out and never came back. then, about two weeks ago, he got a facebook message. >> it wasn't your normal someone i don't know adding me as a friend said did you have a dog named brendall, i'm like, geez, yeah. >> somehow some way, the lab boxer made his way more than 1300 miles to laden, oklahoma, where amy found it. even at 8 years old, she knew she had to do something. when the family e-mailed, all the news wasn't good, though. brendel was in bad shape. gary is excited about the reunion and convinced they will get along. he has a question for his old friend. >> i'm not mad at the dog but asked why did you run off ten
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years ago. >> reporter: he has an appointment friday and if everything checks out and given the okay to travel, he could be reunited with his long last friend sometime next week. craig melvin, news4. >> the pilot behind the miracle on the hudson will get back in the cockpit tomorrow. captain sully will fly his first commercial flight since he safely landed that plane in the hudson river in new york back in january. he is credited with saving the lives of all 155 people on board. the 58-year-old will fly the same exact route to charlotte he was pposed to take that day in january, when the geese were sucked into the plane's engine. a stunt by some daredevils went wrong. it happened in suffolk virginia, this morning. witnesses saw someone jump from the 1,000 foot tv tower. on the way down, one of the p a
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parachuters hit a power line. and when all three hit ground, they ran away. it knocked out nearly 500,000 houses in the area. d.c. is not widely known for its comedy, at least not intentional laughs, but local celebrities set out to change that this evening, politicians, journalists and business types come peted for the funniest celebrity. >> take president obama, please, take president obama. it was a terrible joke. in fact, the number one question on tim pawlenty's mind is what do i have to call obama to finance my 2012 race, because that's the only way he's going to finance it. >> tonight's big winner, austin goldsby, president obama's head economic advisor, he was named washington's funniest celebrity. >> the economy?
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>> like that title. >> i'm not sure. >> are we going to have to turn the heat on tonight, bob? it's borderline. >> you know. >> it's a not tough anymore. >> outside today, we had cold winds coming in and we had very very astute viewers. >> we have the identity now? >> mary alexander, among others sent me the name. now we know. that's what we're here for. outside temperature. and thanks for sending that in, our temperature is a chilly 57 degrees after 70 degrees. our average low now, october is the month our average low temperature drops the most. tomorrow morning, 56 is our average low, by the end of the month, it's down into the low 40s. 70 here. can you see where that cold air is coming from? that was the high temperature in buffalo today, 50 degrees. 46 right now. they've been saying about the same because of all the clouds,
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there's the overall pattern right now. that's allowed that cold air not only at the surface but up above it, the reason we had all the clouds and passing spriles. now, skies have cleared, nothing really going on around us, earlier today a couple lone sprinkles around the northern area. as you can see, all of that is gone. the only area still getting showers to our north, new york state. not only showers but chilly rain, syruse with temperatures in the 40s. look at seren nack lake, they have the heat on. the wind has settled down. widespre widespread frost and freezes. 50 degrees in arlington, in and around town, no problems tomorrow morning. when we get up, we will continue to see the skies clear up. sunny skies tomorrow morning but with pressure over, a chilly
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morning. manassas, leesburg, frederic county, maryland. there is scattered frost far west in west virginia. closer to the weekend, the area of low pressure moving to the nor north, that will bring in moisture. clouds come back late friday, maybe a few light showers, nothing like last weekend as we get into friday night, first part of saturday, the better part of the weekend a lot of sunshine. cold tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, rapidly 70 degrees. some spots into the high 30s tomorr morning and clear skies. tomorrow, i think we'll see a lot of sunshine, not those midday clouds we saw, maybe fair weather clouds but sparkling blue sky, delightful by the afternoon. temperatures high 60s to 70, 71 degrees, as the sun sets, clear skies, temperatures tomorrow evening, will drop into the 6
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again, next seven day, more o the same. sunshine giving way to clouds. as we get into the weekend, the chance, the risk of a few scattered showers by the time saturday morning comes around. sunday looks pretty good and into next week also. >> thank you, bob. coming up tonight, the new list of the wealthiest americans. >> sarah palin is moving up the best-selle list and her book isn't even out yet. >> clinton portis
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varlamov. nationals played ball tonight. didn't have long johns on -- >> they were close. >> as chilly as it was, they
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were hot. fan appreciation day, the last home game of the season for nationals, justin maxwell made sure he waited until everyone that waited until the end of the game left the stands very happy. he gave them reason to cheer like they won a playoff game. enjoying sunflower seized and ryan zimmerman enjoying the view from home plate right here. crushes this one to straight away center field, about 410 feet. that's a solo home run. zimmerman's 33rd of the season ma makes it 3-2. 4-2 in the ninth. rodriguez gets zimmerman swinging. there are two outs and the game is almost over, or is it? the very next batter, adam dunn at the plate with the bases loaded. he walks, a run comes in. it's a 4-3 ballgame. the pressure, now squarely on justin maxwell, the youngster from sherwood high school, watch
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this. reaches out, and touches this one for a grand slam. the second grammy of his career, it's of the walk-off variety. utter mayhem ensues at home plate. the nationals win it 7-4, the place is going crazy. afterwards, all smiles in the clubhouse. >> i'm thinking i hopefully i get my chance to hit. i knew i was like seventh or whatever else. you get a couple guys on, i might come up with bases loaded in my mind. it kd of worked out. >> i think we all know he has a lot of tale. for sure, he stayed healthy the whole way through and works hard. nice to see him do something like that and be able to be up here and show everyone how good he is. >> it's been a rough year in? ways.
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but the excitement out here night after night we've gotten from the fans has been incredible. the ballgame gone down to the wire like they did today and you people have been behind us all year. we appreciate the support and plenty more excitement. >> that's the interim manager for the nationals and mike rizzo, the general manager said the interim tag could be lifted. he has a legitimate shot to become a permanent manager. >> he hasn't done a bad job, has he. >> pretty solid. the fact they're playing hard and still winning games at the end of the year as bad as they are. >> the stars are aligning for the redskins. firstoff, things couldn't get any worse. second, the combined record of the next three opponents, 0-9. first-up, tampa bay buccaneers a team allowing nearly 0 yards a game rushing and hey be the
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reason clinton portis said he will bust out for a 150 to 200 yard game in the near future. about $60 million sitting on the sideline, both expected to play sunday. portis believes the redskins are far from crisis mode and things will get better soon. >> we have 20 people walking around the rocklocker room who talk, pumping guys up, we can do it. i don't think it's pumping up a guy or, you know, putting the guy in the car, let's go have a one-on-one, you know, we just have to go out and make plays. i don't think this is a time of panic. some people saying, let's not panic, we're going to be all right. they're walking around, come on, we need you, we need you. everybody on this team knows what we're accountable for and what we need them for. >> portis telling it like it is. tomorrow night at 7:00, home
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opener saturday at 7:00. it will be a fun winter f. of the wizards are as good as they think they will be, we know the capitals. >> if they can turn it
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sarah palin is now a best selling author and her memoir, "going rogue" doesn't come out
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until the middle of november. based on pre-order, her book is being called an overnight success. it soared to number 1 on barns and and number 2 on she worked with a collaborator to finish the 400 page book in just four months. >> michelle obama and oprah winfrey both arrived in cop copenhagen for a bid that looked more lik red carpet at times. they're hoping for the olympic officials to choose chicago as the host city for the olympic games. president obama is expected to arrive in copen hagen just in time for the u.s. presentation to the olympic committee.
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the economy has been tough on just about everybody, even those on the forbes list of the 400 richest americans but we'll understand if you don't feel sorry about them. the rankings came out today, bill gates topping the list, $50 billion net worth, down from last year about 7 bill. and warren buffet. 9 out of the top 10 lost money last year, four


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